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Riley and Courtney are a mother-daughter duo and avid OneSkin users. Born and raised in Iowa, they live lakeside and enjoy outdoor activities all year long, including boating, kayaking, tubing, skiing and general fun in the sun.

A lawyer and mother of four, Courtney doesn’t miss a beat at 47 years young. She’s recently become very interested in longevity and isn’t afraid to dig into scientific journals to cut through the clutter in skincare!

With a strong drive and energetic character, Riley takes after her mom. A junior in high school, she stays active with extracurriculars and multiple part-time jobs across small businesses, marketing, and fashion–interests she hopes to pursue in college.

Riley and Courtney maintain a tight bond over their shared passion for fashion and their latest obsession with longevity, health, and OneSkin. The entire family, from Riley and her siblings to their grandparents, is keen on staying healthy for as long as possible. When it comes to beauty, they agree less is more. That’s why they use OneSkin: it’s gentle on their sensitive skin and backed by research they can trust.

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May 4, 2023

01 Can you tell me a bit about your journey with OneSkin?

Courtney: “I started using OneSkin last summer. I grew up on a lake and I am a girl that’s done nothing for my skin outside of hot water and a shower. But lately, I noticed all my girlfriends are doing this crazy stuff, like getting peels and injections, and they have a million products. Don’t get me wrong, their skin looks amazing. I just turned 47 and I have been gifted with good skin, but I started to panic because I don't do all of that.”

“Then my father bought this book called LifeForce (by Tony Robbins). He’s trying not to age. He’s 75 but he looks like he’s 54, and my mom as well. We all read the book and when I finished it, I immediately ordered OneSkin. Using PREP was the first time I ever washed my face! I started with PREP and OS-01 FACE, and then later the body lotion and OS-01 EYE when it came out. I love all of it! You can really feel that you guys are a business that’s probably blowing up, but still have that passion and love, and you really make sure that each customer feels that.”

Riley: “My mom had me try OneSkin because I had a weird breakout on my chin, so I tried PREP and OS-01 FACE a couple of times and my skin was glowing! Since then, I kept going back to steal my mom’s products and now I have my own. I don’t use anything else.”

“It’s comforting knowing you have the research and knowledge to know what you’re putting on your skin. We love all of the communication about the cells, testing, and all of the science. It’s so important. I’m learning a lot with you guys. I hope that becomes more of a trend, because everyone is getting sucked into buying these products from random dermatologists and influencers on TikTok. It all comes back to the science and what your body really needs. We hope your product development starts to blow up!”  

02Can you talk a little bit about your experience with skin care and skin health?

Courtney: “For having dark skin, it’s still very sensitive. You wouldn’t think by looking at me, but I have a lot of irish in me, so my skin is often red and has rosacea. Everyone is so shocked at how little products I can tolerate. I tried retinol a year ago and it destroyed my face. It burned and peeled my skin so I stopped using it. OneSkin is the only brand that I’ve been able to use that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.”

Riley: “It’s hard being a teenage girl,  because with social media and Tik Tok, all of the different skincare products are so in your face. But regardless of the trends, I’m always very cautious as to what I put on my face because my role model (her mom) has never done anything. I also find it so hard to trust any skincare brand, but once we both started listening to all of the podcasts and reading every article, [OneSkin] is the only brand we use. We’ve never been so excited about a brand until OneSkin!”

“OneSkin is something I can use forever instead of switching on and off a million other products, and you don’t know if those products have harmful chemicals.”

03The theme of longevity is central to our brand. Can you share your personal philosophies or practices related to longevity in life and skin care?

Courtney: “I’ve recently become a little psychotic about longevity. Mostly because my best friend in the entire world was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. It’s been a ripple effect across our friend group. Watching this amazing vivacious person be faced with such an awful disease, I just started to get really scared internally and physically about aging.”

“I have 4 amazing kids and I want to be around for them. I want them to start earlier than I did at 46. And I want to make sure they’re using the right products. Because it’s very hard to trust what's going on on Facebook and TikTok. I don’t know what’s true and it’s hard to not see the scientific backing. I appreciate that [OneSkin] has the research to support it. You don’t see that with other products.”

Riley: “For me, longevity isn’t just about the skin or the vitamins I’m taking. It’s about the way I move my body and how I feel. I ran cross country and track for 4 years and then my body just started to break. That was a point for me where I realized you should do whatever you can to keep your body healthy. I want to be able to move and feel great for the rest of my life.”

“Our Grandpa does a yoga sequence every morning. He doesn’t want to age either. Recently he’s started using OS-01 EYE. He’s accepting all these new longevity things too.”

04Considering the occasion of Mother's Day, what is the most important beauty or life advice that you, as a mother, have passed on to your daughter, and how has it influenced her?

Courtney: “To me it’s to be natural. And please have a nice set of pearls! I grew up in an amazing family. If you were to look at our family now, they’re all very natural and aging gracefully. Nobody is doing what everyone else is doing and it’s worked well for us. It’s important to go back to the basics.”

05 And for you as a daughter, what’s the most important advice your mother has given you?

Riley: “Stay natural. Growing up I never learned how to do makeup. We were all natural. My freshman year, my mom put mascara on me and I cried because I looked fake! Recently, all of her advice has just been longevity focused.” 

“Cultivating confidence is another thing. As a teenage girl and watching two younger sisters and one younger brother grow up behind me, I realized confidence is so important. When my skin is better and I’m more glowy and if I can get outside and get my body moving, I feel so much more confident.”

06As a daughter, how has your mother's influence shaped your view on the importance of health and longevity?

Riley: “My mom also continues to learn, which is so cool. Learn about the things you're using. Learn about your body and discover the things you need in order to feel good. Knowledge is power.”

07What would be your advice to others, especially mothers and daughters, who are just starting out or looking for a skin care routine that promotes healthy skin at all ages?

Courtney: “Read the research papers. Take the time. Have the guts. And then try it if it’s science backed… And consistency. That’s something I didn’t know about until I started OneSkin. A year ago, I would’ve gone to bed without washing my face. Now I take the time or else I feel like I am missing out if I don’t do it. I even do it in the morning which is crazy for me.” 

07Mother's Day is a special time to honor mothers and their influences in our lives. As a mother and daughter, what traditions do you share on this day?

Courtney: “They always cook me an amazing meal. Whether that be breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re big foodies. We love to set a table. All the China needs to be out. That’s really important to us. Make it fancy. The girls usually set it for me and I get to eat an awesome meal that my kids and husband cook.”

Riley: “Our rules on Mother’s Day are to limit the fights between siblings, don’t let the dogs bark, and set the table to the nines!”

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