Roe G.<small>Teacher</small>

Roe G.<small>Teacher</small>


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Roe G.

"When you age you just get a lot more birthdays and a lot more fun."

Roe is a 72 year old life coach and published author with a strong enthusiasm for health, aging, and fitness. A former teacher, Roe's interest in science, longevity, and health was catalyzed by health issues in her younger years. She is now a healthy, happy, and thriving member of the OneSkin community. (She even stopped by the office to say hi to one of our founders!)

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JUN 15, 2022

01 What does aging mean to you?

"You get older every birthday, chronologically, but I don’t think you have to get weaker or decrepit or get sick... What makes you look older, more than anything else, is your skin. What makes you feel older is poor health and a negative mindset about aging."

02 What are some of your longevity hacks?

"My hacks are eating healthy, working out, and having a great mindset. Everything I eat is organic and fresh. I only eat fruit, almonds, fresh leafy greens, and raw eggs. I think your mind has more to do with your health than what people think. You have to believe you’re strong and healthy. Then if you really believe it, you start doing the things that keep you that way."

03 Tell us about your skincare journey.

"My grandmother always had beautiful skin and great teeth; she said that the secret is to keep it simple... When I was in my 30s people were saying that we had to put more stuff on our skin because it’s going to age... So, I bought all this expensive skincare, and my skin looked terrible! I tried different skincare, but nothing worked.”

"So, I went back to my grandmother’s advice to keep it simple and then eventually I found OneSkin."

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  • Roe G

04 What got you interested in trying OneSkin?

"What I like about OneSkin is that you are trying to make things different for people... I have a background in physiology and science and thought this makes sense! They sound like they know what they’re doing. I like that OneSkin puts all their science and knowledge into developing something and making it just right."

05 What benefits have you observed from using OneSkin?

"I’ve been using OS-01 morning and night for about a month now. I used to have a lot of lines that I notice are lighter, not as deep now... You know it’s funny because my skin isn’t bad, especially for my age, but my girlfriend who hadn’t seen me for some time said ‘what are you doing to your skin? Your skin looks fresher!’"

06 How would you describe OneSkin to someone who doesn’t know about it yet?

“I was reading this book just recently on longevity. It’s called ‘Life Span: Why we age - and why we don’t have to’ by David Sinclair. He talked about senescent cells and how they turn into zombies; Zombie cells that wreak havoc in your tissues. So I told my girlfriends when I started trying out OneSkin: ‘I am off to kill the zombies!’”

07 What would you say to your younger self or someone who has a more passive approach to aging?

"Birthdays come and go, enjoy them! Keep yourself young by the way you think, by how happy you are, by the way you eat, and take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it matters what your physical condition is like. If you’re happier, I mean truly happy, from the inside, then you’re healthier."

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