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When asked to define the necessities of human existence, the average person is likely to respond with a variation of this list. The importance of these qualities is highlighted by their contribution to the most essential aspect of life: our health.

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Ago 5, 2020

01Safeguarding our most valuable asset

In broad terms, health can be defined as a state of well-being, free of disease and detrimental abnormalities. And within health, we need to pay very close attention to not only our physical health but also our mental and social health. A deficit in any of these categories can majorly impact our lives. Not to mention that as we battle through a uniquely devastating pandemic, it’s particularly important to note the benefits of good health, how our perception of this has changed with science, and the steps we can take to boost our health at every level.

Key Takeaways COVID-19 has brought even more attention to the value of health and how age-related changes contribute to increased vulnerability to disease. Many risk factors for diseases can be addressed through healthy lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and enough sleep. There’s no better time than now to educate ourselves with cutting-edge research about how to improve our overall health and well-being. With choices backed by science, you can boost your health and experience the positive consequences for years to come.

02Health in the time of COVID-19

The circumstances created by SARS-CoV-2, more commonly referred to as COVID-19 or simply coronavirus, have brought the significance of good health to the foreground. Since mandatory quarantine measures were implemented in March 2020, there’s been growing concern about the health of individuals with identifiable risk factors. The most definitive factor has been age, with the case fatality rate overwhelmingly higher for individuals aged 65 or older. [ 1 ]

One of the reasons for this is that as we age, the thymus and bone marrow, where our immune cells originate, are thought to become less efficient – particularly when attacking and clearing new pathogens. [ 2 ] Other risk factors linked to diet and lifestyle, including emotional stress or metabolic conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, have been extensively connected with an increased risk of contracting a virus. [ 3 ] As a whole, the pandemic has provided us with an important opportunity to evaluate our choices and reinstate health as our number one priority.

03Taking control of our health

It’s well documented that poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are predictors of immunosuppression and vulnerability. So, one of the first things we can do to take charge of our health in a positive way is to take a good, honest look at our diet and level of exercise to see where we can make improvements.

Consequently, it’s crucial to eat a well balanced diet filled with foods that boost your immune system like vitamins C, E, A, and D, folate and zinc, regardless of whether it’s the latest diet craze or not. Additionally, exercise is an indubitable backbone of well-being – both physically and mentally. Whether you like the serenity and strength-building of yoga, the high energy of intense cardio workouts, or simply doing a bunch of squats and lunges in between work calls, daily exercise can contribute to greater regulation of body weight and boosted cardiovascular health – both of which will indirectly contribute to a healthier immune response.

04Step away from the screen

Something else to take into account is the amount of time we spend seated in front of our screens, which has undoubtedly increased during the pandemic. This means it’s important to set aside some time away from technology to recharge by getting fresh air, taking brief walks, sleeping well, getting enough Vitamin D, or even reading – all of which have been found to improve our cognitive well-being.

05The enriching benefits of friendship

Although quarantine measures have limited our ability to engage with one another, there are still many ways we can positively influence our mental and social health. The benefit of simply having a good chat with friends – even online! – has been found to reduce stress, which consequently reduces blood pressure and the associated comorbidities that compromise our immune response. Friendships really do matter – and can pay off in better health and a brighter outlook on life.

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