How is OS-01 EYE different from OS-01 FACE?

How is OS-01 EYE different from OS-01 FACE?

Many of us have spent decades wondering if we really need any eye cream. How different can they actually be from the products we’re already using on the rest of the face? When we set out to formulate OS-01 EYE, it was important to us to create a product that was functionally different from OS-01 FACE – and specifically designed to treat the skin around the eyes. One thing both formulas have in common? OS-01, our breakthrough innovation and the first peptide proven to reduce skin’s biological age,* support skin damage repair, increase epidermal thickness, improve barrier function, and increase the activity of genes associated with collagen production.**  To understand how and why the two formulas are different, let’s take a closer look at the science.

*Measured in lab studies on ex vivo human skin samples and using MolClock, a proprietary algorithm that predicts skin’s biological age (Zonari, et al)

**Measured in lab studies on ex vivo human skin samples (Zonari, et al)

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April 25, 2023

01 How Is Eye-Area Skin Actually Different? 

The skin around the eyes is very thin, with a stratum corneum that’s on average about 3 layers thick compared to 15+ layers on other areas.¹ This incredible skin thinness means your under eyes experience more exaggerated signs of collagen and elastin loss than the rest of your face–namely fine lines, sagging, and crepiness. ² ³

Eye-area skin has also been shown to actually age faster than the rest of our faces. In a study, scientists measured the biological age of eye skin and compared it to skin just inches away on the temple. What they found was that the skin under the eyes was biologically 22.25 years older. ² 

This difference in biological age may be largely due to increased rates of cellular senescence around the eyes. In a study, scientists analyzed the expression of a key senescence marker, CDK2NA, in periocular skin. What they found was that periocular skin expressed significantly higher levels of cellular senescence than other areas of the face. ² 

02 How is OS-01 EYE Different from OS-01 FACE?

In order to address the significantly higher levels of cellular senescence around the eyes, we formulated OS-01 EYE with the highest concentration of our OS-01 peptide. In lab studies on human skin samples, the OS-01 peptide was shown to reduce the overall number of senescent cells.***  By powering OS-01 EYE with more OS-01 peptide, it is better equipped to help counteract the accelerated aging process that occurs around the eyes.

In addition to different concentrations of the OS-01 peptide, OS-01 EYE and OS-01 FACE contain different supporting ingredients, carefully blended to be gentle on sensitive and problematic skin. As always, we chose scientifically validated ingredients that magnify the benefits of the OS-01 peptide, offering additional damage repair benefits, barrier support, and enhanced hydration.

***Measured in lab studies on human fibroblast cultures from patient-derived samples (Zonari, et al)

03 What are the Supporting Ingredients in OS-01 EYE?

  • Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract: Extracted from the seeds of the moringa tree, this extract protects skin cells against environmental pollutants that can trigger skin aging.
  • Vitamin E and Ubiquinone: Delivers high concentrations of antioxidants via coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E to shield against extrinsic aging factors.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus Algae Extract: This algae-derived extract helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and crow’s feet while enhancing overall skin luminosity.
  • Biomimetic Vegan Collagen: This biodesigned vegan collagen peptide is the first human mimetic and boosts elastin, laminin, collagen and fibronectin while most topical collagen fails to penetrate the skin barrier.
  • Cystoseira Humilis Seaweed Extract: This antioxidant-packed seaweed extract is rich in bioactive moisturizers that improve firmness, hydration and skin protection.
  • Coffee Extract: Extracted from organic green coffee beans, this extract stimulates mitochondrial function to support skin cell regeneration.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Progeline): This peptide reduces the look of wrinkles by limiting the overproduction of neurotransmitters that control facial muscle contractions.

04 What are the Supporting Ingredients in OS-01 FACE?

  • Pracaxi Oil: Known for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.
  • Andiroba Oil: A seed oil that promotes healthy collagen and minimizes the effects of inflammation.
  • Niacinamide: A form of vitamin B that improves skin texture by promoting protein synthesis at the epidermal layer.
  • Oleic Pau Mulato extract: An Amazonian tree extract that smooths wrinkles, minimizes skin stress and supports skin healing.
  • Allantoin: A skin-conditioning molecule that moisturizes and soothes irritated skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid: A hydrating acid included in three molecular weights so that it can boost collagen and elastin, support epidermal regeneration, and maintain moisture in every layer of the skin.

05 How Does OS-01 EYE Specifically Benefit Skin Around the Eyes?

To ensure that OS-01 EYE delivered on our high standards, we put it to the test with a group of beta testers before we launched the formula. After 2 weeks of consistently using OS-01 EYE twice daily, 91.7% of beta testers saw an improvement in crow’s feet while 84.6% of users saw an improvement in under eye lines and wrinkles. After 4 weeks of consistently using OS-01 EYE twice daily, 66.7% of users saw an improvement in eye-area puffiness, sagging under the eyes, and sagging eyelids. 91.7% of users also saw an improvement in dryness around the eyes.

06 How Does OS-01 FACE Specifically Benefit Skin On The Face?

In a 12-week clinical study, OS-01 FACE was shown to have visible benefits on the face. At least 90% of users saw an improvement in skin elasticity, evenness, radiance, pores and firmness. 87% of users saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles while 100% of users saw an improvement in skin smoothness and overall appearance. Plus, OS-01 FACE has been shown to improve skin barrier function by an average of +15%, helping to enhance the skin's ability to protect against environmental aggressors.

07 How Should You Use OS-01 EYE With OS-01 FACE?

To get maximum benefits from both formulas, apply OS-01 EYE 2x daily to the skin around the eyes just after cleansing with PREP. Follow with OS-01 FACE on the rest of your face.

08 Key Takeaways

  • OS-01 EYE was formulated specifically for the thinner skin around the eyes, which shows higher rates of cellular senescence and accelerated aging.
  • To address this difference in eye skin, we infused OS-01 EYE with a higher concentration of our OS-01 peptide than what we use in OS-01 FACE.
  • In addition to different concentrations of the OS-01 peptide, OS-01 EYE and OS-01 FACE contain different supporting ingredients selected for their areas of focus.
  • To use OS-01 EYE and OS-01 FACE together, apply OS-01 EYE twice daily before applying OS-01 FACE.
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