Three Ways To Extend Your Skinspan Starting With Your Body Care Routine

Three Ways To Extend Your Skinspan Starting With Your Body Care Routine

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MAY 16, 2022

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could permanently stop your skin from aging? Unfortunately, that’s not possible yet (though the science is getting close). What is possible, however, is to extend the number of years during which your skin is healthy, youthful, and radiant (aka, your skinspan). Here is how to extend your skinspan.

Why should you care about taking care of the skin on your body and not just your face?

Mention skincare and many people will automatically think about their face, neck, and perhaps their hands. Granted, these body parts are the most visible, rendering them the most common focus of establishing a skin care routine, but when you consider the concept of skinspan and how it relates to expanding the shelf life of aging skin, it’s obvious that skin care should extend to your full body. That’s because skin is our largest organ, making it one of our most vital body parts. Only focusing on your face, neck, and hands simply doesn’t allow you to tackle skin longevity as a whole and achieve healthy skin from top to bottom. Additionally, cosmetic procedures and products like Botox and fillers can hide the signs of aging skin, but they’re really only a cover-up. Extending your skinspan as part of your efforts to improve your health and longevity means tackling aging and extending skin health at the cellular level across your entire body.

Top Three Ways to Extend Skinspan

Here are three ways to extend your skinspan and slow down, halt, or even reverse the signs of aging.
  • Protect Your Skin
  • Establish a Body Care Routine
  • Nourish Your Skin Inside and Out

# 1Protect Your Skin

Your skin is exposed to tough environmental influences every day. Even if the sky is overcast and you can’t see the sun, ultraviolet rays can still wreak havoc on the DNA in your skin cells, leading to skin deterioration, early signs of aging, and uneven skin tone on the body. If you’re not using sunscreen yet, make it part of your daily routine to help protect against those strong UV rays that could eventually contribute to dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring.

#2 Establish a Body Care Routine

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you already have a skincare routine for your face, but maybe you are interested in learning how to boost skin moisture beyond your face and neck. Extending skin health as a part of your comprehensive health and longevity routine means applying that same skin care to your entire body. That means establishing a consistent body care routine, no matter your skin type. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or even normal skin, creating a proper body care routine that incorporates high-quality topical body supplements will help set you up for success in the long run.

What is Meant by Body Care Routine?

Here are the essential components of a great body care routine2
  • Cleanse: A successful body care routine starts with a gentle, yet thorough cleanse to remove dirt and impurities from the skin and prime it for absorption of hydrating ingredients. When choosing a body wash, make sure to avoid ones that contain stripping ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and detergents, as they can degrade the skin barrier.
  • Smooth: Next, get rid of rough skin. Dead skin cells can cause your skin to look dull and gray and they can get in the way of absorbing beneficial ingredients. Using a proper body scrub, exfoliate carefully and gently for best results. The same is true for shaving: a good quality blade on softened skin will give you the best results.
  • Hydrate: Now it’s time to hydrate from top to toe. The best time to moisturize is when your skin is still slightly wet. Be sure to choose a lipid-rich moisturizer and let the goodness soak in for a moment before you get dressed. For extra benefits, find a moisturizer that contains ingredients proven to extend skin health on the molecular level, such as OneSkin’s OS-01 BODY Topical Supplement - proven to increase skin’s epidermal thickness and powered by the OS-01 peptide, which repairs cellular damage.
Meet OS-01: The Peptide that Extends Your Skinspan. Learn more!

How do you Start a Body Routine?

Since your body routine starts with cleansing, try incorporating a body care regimen into your shower routine several times a week. The key is to remain consistent in your routine for a couple of weeks, then it will come naturally. The more consistent you are, the more you will extend your skinspan.

#3 Nourish Your Skin Inside and Out

Healthy habits to nourish your body from the inside, such as diet and exercise, should always be your first approach to health. But in order to effectively extend your skinspan, we highly recommend taking your skin health habits one step further and finding a healthy aging skin product to nourish your skin from the outside as well. And as we’ve mentioned, extending skinspan and achieving healthy skin comes down to topically nourishing your entire body.
For optimal skin health, consider integrating topical supplements, which don’t just moisturize, but also promote skin health, into your skin health routine. Products like Oneskin’s OS-01 Topical Supplements improve internal and external markers of skin health to promote healthier, stronger skin for the long-term, effectively extending your skinspan.

Key Takeaways – What are Ways you Can Take Care of Your Whole-Body Skin Health Daily?

  • Skinspan is the length of time your skin is healthy and functional
  • Establishing a body care routine is critical to extending skinspan, which can ultimately result in that healthy, glowing skin you desire
  • Protecting your skin is critical to a comprehensive wellness and longevity regimen
  • OneSkin’s OS-01 Topical Supplements can extend skinspan as way of improving overall health and longevity


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