Our Story

Early on, our shared mission was clear - to create technologies that help people age in a healthy and vibrant way, so that they can live their best lives, every day.
We believe there’s no reason you can’t be dancing on a table at 80 years young.

Fueled by our passion for science and our love of life, we embarked upon a journey to forever transform the way humans experience aging.

Troubled by the reality that so many people, including some of our loved ones,spend a considerable portion of their lives in poor health due to age-related disease, we set out to build patented technologies that reverse the aging process.


Our leadership team

Our leadership team is composed of four scientists united in their passion to develop solutions to prolong human healthspan.
01Carolina Reis Oliveira, PhD
Co-Founder and
Chief Executive Officer
Carolina holds her Ph.D. in Immunology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in collaboration with the Rutgers University and is an alumnus of IndieBio, the world's leading biotechnology accelerator. In 2016, Carolina relocated to Silicon Valley from Latin America to co-found OneSkin, and to lead the development of the company’s disruptive rejuvenation technologies.

Since I was young, I've been enthralled with the perfection of the “code of life” - how our cells and tissues are part of a beautifully orchestrated system that generates a complex and functional organism. As I grew older, I began to view science as a path to unveil the cause of numerous cellular dysfunctions, and its potential to develop treatments for various diseases.
Throughout my academic career, I always held the aspiration that one day I would translate research into therapies designed to positively impact human health. While studying stem cell research during my PhD, I was completely fascinated by the endless clinical application opportunities.

However, it wasn’t until I studied aging biology while working with OneSkin that I realized the dots connecting in a different way - that by addressing aging rather than focusing on individual diseases, we can be more effective in preventing or delaying most of the diseases we are fighting to treat.
I strive to enjoy every second of my life, and I dream of a future in which everyone will live life to its fullest, free from pain or limitations associated with aging. If I can help move the needle a little towards building this future, I will have fulfilled a significant piece of my life’s purpose.

02 Alessandra Zonari, PhD
Co-Founder and
Chief Scientific Officer
Alessandra Zonari, PhD, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, earned her Master’s degree in stem cell biology, and her PhD in skin regeneration and tissue engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil in collaboration with the 3B’s Research Group in Portugal. Alessandra did a second post-doctoral at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. She is a co-inventor of three patents and has published 20 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals.

I was inspired to join OneSkin for the opportunity to make an impact on how people experience aging. My interest in science started at a young age when I learned of Dolly the Sheep in the news- the first mammal cloned from a somatic cell. I was 9 years old at the time, and I remember thinking that I would love to have my family cloned so I would always have them around.From that moment, my passion for translational science started to rise.

At University, I began to research stem cells, and over the past decade, I’ve focused my research on understanding skin biology and skin regeneration. For me, OneSkin became the connecting dot - it’s where I unite my research knowledge with my dream - to impact the years of life spent in good health.

03Mariana Boroni, PhD
Co-Founder and
Head of Bioinformatics
Mariana Boroni, PhD, co-founder and Head of Bioinformatics, earned her Master’s degree in biochemistry, and her PhD in bioinformatics with an emphasis in genomics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Mariana did her post-doctoral at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich in Germany, and worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Birmingham, England. Mariana is Head of the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Lab at the Brazilian National Cancer Institute (INCA). She shares her time between leading research at INCA and leading bioinformatics at Oneskin. Together with the OneSkin team, Mariana developed the company’s proprietary skin-specific DNAm age predictor. Mariana is co-inventor of four patents, and has published more than 20 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals.

My passion for science began during my teenage years. At age 13, I personally battled cancer, a disease that I lost two of my grandparents to. This experience motivated me to become a scientist, to increase our understanding of the biology of pathologies such as cancer and age-related diseases, and to develop technologies that enable people to lead healthier lives. I love the idea that science, a pursuit of knowledge, holds the answer to mysteries.

Science can pave the way for new therapies and strategies, and therefore shape the way we live. I see enormous opportunity to apply all this knowledge through being a part of OneSkin. My life's experiences have had a profound impact on how I value life, propelling my desire to help construct a better future for us all. I truly believe that through science, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

04 Juliana Carvalho, PhD
Juliana Carvalho, PhD, earned her Master’s degree in biochemistry and immunology, and her PhD in molecular biology from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. In 2015, Juliana joined the Catholic University of Brasilia as a professor of pathology, and in 2019, she joined the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Brasilia. As an advisor to students earning their Masters and PhD degrees in science at both the University of Brasilia and the Catholic University of Brasilia, Juliana guides the newest scientists of our generation. Juliana is co-inventor of four patents, and has published 34 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals (and counting!).

I felt the need to create OneSkin along with my co-founders based on my passion for knowledge. I feel tremendous privilege in my role to generate new ideas and technologies, and to use this newfound knowledge for the benefits of others.

I love being a part of our new generation of scientists, as I believe that the best way to achieve a brighter future is to build it, with OneSkin being a part of that process.